Oats (Avena sativa)

The oat genus Avena contains wild/weedy and domesticated forms at the hexaploid (42 chromosomes), tetraploid (28 chromosomes), and diploid (14 chromosomes) levels.  Their center of origin was in North Africa, with additional centers of domestication in western Eurasia and Ethiopia.  Common spring oats, A. sativa, are part of a hexaploid complex that includes domesticated winter and hulless or naked oats along with common wild (A. fatua) and wild animated (A. sterilis) oats.  Common wild oat is one of the most widespread temperate cereal weeds on earth while animated oat is a ubiquitous roadside weed in the Mediterranean basin and Near East.  Naked oats are witnessing a resurgence in popularity in China, where the crop became widespread thousands of years ago and was known as 'bird wheat'.  Throughout their native range, Avena species are suffering a loss of genetic diversity (genetic erosion) due to habitat degradation, urbanization, climate change, and/or civil-military conflict.  In our lab, we are interested in the preservation and utilization of wild species as exotic gene sources for adding value to common oats.  This requires discovery of novel alleles for biochemical traits of interest by DNA sequencing and RNA expression studies.

Avena Research Publications

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Book Chapter

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